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Program Evaluation & Student Assessment (PESA)

PESA is a standing committee of the RowanSOM Curriculum Committee and supports the implementation of curriculum and student assessment, one of the four specific elements of the Outcomes Assessment Plan.

The purpose of the committee is to provide guidance and monitoring on curriculum and student learning; competency-based assessment; and to support a continuous quality improvement function for learning and instruction in undergraduate medical education. PESA is supported by the Assessment office in the major areas of Curriculum and Program Effectiveness; Student Performance Outcomes and Overall Competence; and Academic Performance Outcomes.

As a working committee, PESA contributes significantly to the assessment efforts and processes addressed at RowanSOM through various initiatives including course/clerkship and item category reviews, reporting, and faculty support.

PESA Review Process Diagram
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    Course/Clerkship and Item Category Reviews
    The comprehensive review process requires primary reviewers to closely evaluate learning outcomes and student competence. Follow-up meetings that act as faculty mentoring sessions are held between the course and clerkship leaders with PESA, the Assistant Dean for Currciulum, and the Associate Dean for Assessment to discuss the review, proposed changes, and identify all areas with challenges.
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    As a driving force behind multiple assessment-related initiatives the committee also provides an in-depth and multidimensional review of curriculum and student assessment via reports such as the Course Director Report, which is part of the course review, and the AACOM Graduating Seniors Survey Report.
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    Faculty Support

    As a committee whose members consist of basic science faculty, clinical faculty, evaluation experts, and academic administration, PESA recognizes the valuable role faculty hold in accomplishing the effectiveness of curriculum and student assessment. PESA creates and/or acquires appropriate resources and provides to faculty to promote continuous quality improvement of teaching and learning and ensure congruence between the institution’s stated mission, learning goals, and outcomes of its academic program.

PESA Membership


Jennifer Fischer, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology


Kevin Overbeck, D.O. - Associate Professor, New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging

PESA Resources

Members can access committee resources on the PESA Blackboard site.

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