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The RowanSOM Approach to Osteopathic Medicine

Learn to D.O. with our New Curriculum

In order to meet the rapidly-changing health care needs of our communities, the education of future doctors is always evolving. Beginning in the fall of 2019, our curriculum will include new courses and intersessions, such as Community Service and Leadership and Healthcare Systems/Business of Medicine. While there will be a continued focus on Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, enhanced skills and rotations in areas like End of Life Care, ICU and Health Care Systems Science will be highlighted.

This transformative curriculum will train medical students today to prosper at the highest levels of medical excellence for the next 30-40 years, while ensuring our D.O.s develop integral skills to treat the whole patient.

Explore our New Curriculum

Which Curriculum Track is Right for You?

We recognize that everyone learns in different ways, so to ensure that our DOs are successful, we offer two curriculum tracks for Pre-Clerkship: Synergistic Guided Learning (SGL) and Problem-based Learning (PBL) While both tracks comprehensively study the four components above, they each approach them from a different perspective and learning style.

RowanSOM’s SGL Track has evolved into a single-pass system-based design, where organ systems are combined into blocks that reflect a more intuitive progression of learning. While this follows a more traditional education and learning style, there is a reduced emphasis on lectures and an increased focus on self-directed and team-based learning

The PBL track follows a double-pass systems-based model and is valued by its students and facilitators for its independent learning format. In this student-centered approach to curriculum, clinical case presentations are the stimulus for acquiring the basic science knowledge needed to understand underlying mechanisms, as well as the means of developing clinical reasoning skills.

All students follow the same curriculum path for the third and fourth years of study.

Synergistic Guided Learning (SGL) Track

Discover everything we have to offer in our Synergistic Guided Learning (SGL) track.

Problem-Based Track

Find out if our student-directed, PBL track is right for you.


Your clinical experience

Your clerkship, or third and fourth years of education, is focused on clinical education. This is your time to enhance the techniques you have learned in the classroom. You will experience hands-on patient care, develop clinical technical skills, and serve as a member of a medical team. Explore more in our Clerkship section.