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What Can I Expect In My First Year?

What is the first year of medical school really like? Luckily at RowanSOM, our students are willing to share their stories and help you get a better idea of what awaits you!

Meet Trinava

Are the faculty accessible?
"Faculty here at RowanSOM are really open to student interaction. They really want you to talk to them about any problems that you’re having, any interesting questions that you have."

Is there anything to do besides study?
"There are so many student organizations at RowanSOM that you can get involved in. Personally, I’m involved in the Emergency Medicine Club, the Surgery Club, and the API Club. API is the American Association of Indian Physicians. We promote our culture as physicians and the Indian culture, in general."

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
"The biggest advice I would tell you, before coming to medical school, is build good study habits. With the material you do get here, it’s difficult to organize yourself and truly find a method quickly, if you don’t already have it."

--Trinava Roy, class of 2021

Meet DeSean

Are the faculty accessible?
"The faculty here are amazing. They all really are passionate about the students. I’ve never been in a situation where a professor was too busy or didn’t have the time."

Why choose RowanSOM?
"Out of all the schools that I applied to, I honestly made the best decision possible to come here and if I could do it again, I never would’ve applied to any other school. I would’ve just saved my money!"

Why did you want to become a doctor?
"I want to be a doctor, to be a servant. And I might not be rich or famous being a physician – that’s not my goal. My goal is just to serve the community. My goal is to give people the best shot at life."

--DeSean Lee, Class of 2021

2019/20 Curriculum Schedule


Spring 2019/20 Schedule

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