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What Can I Expect In My Second Year?

Now that you have your first year of medical school under your belt, what does the second year have in store for you? Matt is happy to share his experience with you!

Meet Matt

Why did you choose PBL?
"I feel like PBL was a good fit for my learning style because I’m a non-traditional student. I like to take things at my own pace, rate and approach. It provides that. You just have a large block with different systems and then it’s up to you on how you go about it. So, I do my own self-reading, video-based learning, textbooks, etc., rather being handed a pamphlet and following along with that."

Do you think there is a benefit to PBL beyond the classroom?
"I actually feel like PBL is really going to help me down the road as I transition into both my clinical years, three and four medical school; residency; and then later on as an attending. And the reason is, healthcare is a team approach, it’s not just one sole practitioner. So, everything we’ve done since day one, I’ve been here, has been on a team of six people. Even in our OMM lab and on-doctoring, we’re paired up, so you need to get really good at working on a team, both in leadership roles and supportive roles, as well as cross-talk with each other."

What would you like people to know about RowanSOM?
"RowanSOM is definitely what I would consider to be the gem of New Jersey. Everyone says it’s the most family-oriented atmosphere, the most caring place and I think it’s really hard to believe, because a lot of schools brand themselves as that, but when you get here, you see it. Everyone is super supportive. They want to help each other. I think it’s very unique to the school and it separates us from others."

--Matthew Tribble, Class of 2020

2020/21 Second Year Schedule


These are sample schedules only. Schedules are subject to change.