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What Can I Expect In My Second Year?

Now that you have your first year of medical school under your belt, what does the second year have in store for you? Jocelyn and Komal are happy to share their experiences with you!

Meet Jocelyn

What is the course load like in Second Year?
"Second-year is actually a lot of fun, because with your course load they’re much more clinically relevant than they were first year. The first semester, you take pathology, pharmacology, and a course called clinical medicine, which was my personal favorite, because you learn that clinically relevant information.

Then second semester, you also have other courses incorporated, such as women’s health or pediatrics, which, again, though sometimes it seems like more work, it’s also exciting because it’s just shows you what you’re about to start off after you take boards and you‘re into third year."

What activities are there at RowanSOM?
"RowanSOM has a lot of student programs or student organizations. I personally am in a club called Project REACH. It’s an outreach program that takes place in Camden. Half of it’s really just getting to know the kids and just sort of having fun with them and the other half is more clinically relevant, where we’ll talk about a case with them that might be relevant to what they’re learning in class. It’s really just to generate interest in the health sciences in such a young age in an underprivileged area, but I’ve learned a lot from that. It's nice to be reminded that there’s a world that exists outside the bubble of medical school."

What can incoming students do to prepare for medical school?
"The Pre-Matric program is a program you perform the summer before you’re technically admitted - or start - medical school. It’s a nice way to just get a feel for what medical school is, because everyone, whether they like to admit it or not, before medical school, is a little bit nervous. So, it’s nice to have just an overview of what to expect."

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
"One thing that I wish someone would have told me before I started medical school is that it’s not as bad as everybody says it is! I’d say that if you can go into medical school with an open mind and a positive attitude, and just being open to the fact that it will be really hard. But - there are so many people here, especially at RowanSOM, that go out of their way to help you through that process. "

--Jocelyn Wardlaw, class of 2020

Meet Komal

What class has surprised you the most?
"So, OMM has really surprised me. At the OMM Free Clinic what we like to do is – it kind of goes on with the mission of serving the greater community of NJ - it's basically a way for students to develop their passion for OMM (Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine) and also to navigate the space of being in a clinical setting while not being in your clinical years."

Is there help outside the classroom?
"Something that’s really unique to RowanSOM is that we offer a completely free tutoring program. That’s offered through CTL or the Center for Teaching and Learning. I know first year, I used a tutor for almost all of my classes and I developed a really strong relationship with the fourth-year [student] that I tutored under. It was a nice experience to go from first-year, getting tutored in everything, to being a second-year who tutors in those same subjects!"

What organizations can I join at RowanSOM?
"An organization I’m a part of on-campus is SNMA (Student National Medical Association). And SNMA does a lot of work with community outreach. We also take part in mentoring. And not just through Rowan undergraduate students through the MAPS organization, but we also do mentoring at Medical Arts High School in Camden."

Do you have any advice for incoming students?
"Remember the school doesn’t make mistakes. This is a really fine institution, you’re here for a reason if you were accepted. And I think it’s so important to really maintain that and realize that no matter what you’re feeling and no matter where you came from, you’re here now and everyone is on an equal platform."

--Komal Trivedi, Class of 2020

2020/21 Second Year Schedule


These are sample schedules only. Schedules are subject to change.