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RowanSOM and GSBS

The Stratford campus is home to both RowanSOM and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. In addition to offering D.O. degrees, students who are interested in pursuing biomedical and scientific research opportunities should explore the variety of degrees offered through GSBS.

Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology

The Ph.D. degree is awarded on the basis of each individual student’s contribution to new scientific knowledge. Students will initially focus on coursework to establish a solid foundation in experimental biology. This will be followed by independent, hands-on exploratory research in the laboratory of choice. Students will have ample opportunities to work alongside and collaborate with faculty members.

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Our Master of Biomedical Science (M.B.S.) is an evening program that has been redesigned to provide a broader and stronger foundation for medical school and other health sciences. The new curriculum promotes integration of the various biomedical disciplines into a single graduate-level educational experience. It provides a broad background in biomedical science coursework, while maintaining flexibility to meet the needs and interests of individual students. In doing so, we help students find meaningful careers in the growing field of biomedical sciences.

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Graduates of the Master of Biomedical Science and Master of Public Health dual degree gain a strong knowledge of contemporary research methods and scientific foundations in both the biomedical sciences and public health. Candidates must complete required core and elective courses at GSBS and take additional coursework with Rutgers School of Public Health, Piscataway to earn a M.B.S./M.P.H. dual degree. Due to the evolving curricula both at GSBS and Rutgers University, the availability of this program is subject to change without notice.

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M.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology

The M.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology is designed to provide a rigorous base of knowledge in basic biomedical sciences with an emphasis on fundamental principles of cell and molecular biology and practical problem solving skills. Students are required to engage in fundamental research in cell and molecular biology and to prepare a research-based dissertation to complete the degree requirements.

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M.S. in Histopathology

In response to increased demand for highly competent technicians in translational research, we have developed this non-thesis Master of Science in Histopathology program to prepare students to conduct biomedical research, including basic molecular and cell biology techniques. Students complete the program in as few as 21 months and are qualified for research positions in both pharmaceutical and academic laboratories, as well as appointments in pathology laboratories in hospitals and private institutions. Graduates are also well-prepared to enter a doctoral, medical, or professional program should they choose to continue their education.

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M.S. in Molecular Pathology and Immunology

This program boasts a formal affiliation with Genesis Biotechnology Group. The scientists participating in this program from Genesis Biotechnology Group have been appointed as adjunct faculty in the Department of Molecular Biology at RowanSOM. Their research interests are diverse, ranging from the cellular and molecular pathogenesis of infectious agents, to the effect of aging on immune function. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in diagnostic, immunology, molecular biology and pathology laboratories.

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Accelerated B.S./M.S. Programs

RowanGSBS has partnered with the College of Science and Mathematics of Rowan University to offer high-achieving students the opportunity to complete a master's degree and bachelor's degree in five years, rather than the traditional six. Students begin taking graduate level classes in their senior year, accelerating their advanced studies while still at the undergraduate level. The undergraduate degrees include:

  • Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biophysics
  • Translational Biomedical Sciences

This five-year dual degree is designed to link undergraduate and graduate research programs and prepare students for the rigors of Ph.D. programs, professional schools or careers in biomedical research.

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If you are interested in applying for an advanced program through Rowan Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, please visit the GSBS site or contact them directly for admissions information.
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