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General Surgery

General Surgery at RowanSOM offers integrated learning and patient care in a variety of communities throughout Southern New Jersey including rural, suburban and urban. Residents are exposed to a diverse rotation of specialty areas and are encouraged to attend additional conferences and presentations to suit their medical interests.

Rotations and Hospital Affiliations

The General Surgery Program partners with Jefferson Health New Jersey and Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center. In addition to these collaborations, some rotations are completed at Cooper University Hospital and AtlantiCare. Through all of these partnerships, residents have the opportunity to treat a diverse demographic that seeks care at a variety of medical centers, including large health systems, outpatient facilities and nursing homes.

Sample rotation schedules:


  • SICU
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • One rotation of electives, chosen from: Urology, ENT, Anesthesia and Infectious Disease


  • General Surgery - Vascular
  • General Surgery - Vascular, Thoracic
  • General Surgery
  • General Surgery - Transplant, Wound Service
  • Trauma
  • Level 2 Trauma/SICU


  • Level 1 Trauma/SICU
  • General Surgery - Vascular, Transplant
  • Level 2 Trauma/SICU


  • Pediatrics/Trauma
  • General Surgery - Vascular, Transplant
  • Pediatric Surgery


  • GI Service
  • Twelve months as supervised operating surgeon and administrative assistant to the respective Chief of Service and Program Director.

Conferences and Didactics

We offer countless opportunities to increase knowledge and improve skills throughout your residency. Residents play an active role in presentations and are encouraged to attend SOM conferences and didactics, as well as additional opportunities that suit individual medical interests. A variety of topics are covered throughout the year at multiple programs:
  • Friday Morning Conferences
  • Resident Teaching ConferenceMortality/Morbidity Review Conferences
  • Chiefs’ Quarterly Conference
  • Lourdes Case Conference
  • Radiology Conference

Topics offered throughout the year include, but are not limited to: bariatrics; transplant immunology; trauma; head and neck; stomach and duodenum; and board review questions.

RowanSOM OPTI of New Jersey

In addition to our residency partnerships, the school also oversees the RowanSOM OPTI of NJ. This alliance brings together world-class health systems across New Jersey to offer more than 40 residency, fellowship and internship programs at additional sites, making it the number one consortium for outstanding osteopathic graduate medical education programs in the state.