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Continued Commitment

In an effort to create a more inclusive, diverse and equitable community, the school is currently prioritizing the objectives below. We are proud of the dynamic, meaningful work that many of our student leaders are undertaking towards making a more inclusive campus and community. 

RowanSOM has a long-standing commitment to our mission of diversity. The Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee was formed in 2020 and has been working to create a cohesive response to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and access.   

In July of 2020, RowanSOM began a focused intervention with the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in response to student, alumni and staff feedback. Our new Director of Diversity will be working closely with the DEI, and Dean Cavalieri on diversity and inclusion efforts throughout our school. Dean Cavalieri is committed to regular meetings and conversations with the RowanSOM community to continually update these objectives.  

Some of the current objectives in progress include:

  • Create the RowanSOM DEI Strategic Plan 
  • Update the Student Code of Conduct 
  • Complete, with the oversight of the DEI, an annual review of DEI strategic plan goals 
  • Complete a needs-assessment to determine needs for additional mental health resources 
  • Establish a Faculty Advisor Program
  • Complete an evaluation of the services provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning 
  • Increase representation and training for our Student Academic Progress Committee (SAPC) 
  • Dedicate a $10,000 Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) scholarship for at least 10 medical students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. This opportunity is available through participation in the HCOP National Ambassadors 

DEI Strategic Action Plan

RowanSOM’s DEI work is led by the Director of DEI with support of the DEI Committee regarding the goals and priorities identified in the RowanSOM’s DEI Strategic Action Plan. The DEI Strategic Action Plan is guided by RowanSOM’s Strategic Framework (2020-2024) and three DEI Priorities aligned to Rowan University’s Institutional Goals:

  1. Creating a more inclusive and equitable campus community (Build human, infrastructure and resource capacity).
  2. Recruiting, retaining and supporting a more diverse community (Commit to success for all learners).
  3. Promoting and supporting inclusive teaching, scholarship and professional development (Engage in innovative discovery, invention, and application of knowledge).

As RowanSOM builds on its DEI work, we focus on four areas – leadership, instruction, systems and culture. The goals in each domain are designed to impact teaching, clinical services, and research by strengthening the STEM pipeline from high school to the professions to service delivery. Rowan SOM is devoted to our students and state by improving diversity, equity and inclusion - from our programs supporting underrepresented, minoritized high school STEM students to innovative programs in GSBS to our holistic admissions process to instruction that prepares future physicians and researchers for culturally-responsive service to eradicate health disparities and racism in medicine.