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Molecular Biology Courses for Medical Students

Our faculty are dedicated to teaching both future physicians and researchers. We teach three classes that are part of the core curriculum in the first year of D.O. education at Rowan-Virtua SOM: Biochemistry/Human Genetics, Microbiology & Immunology, and Histology.

Jennifer Fischer, Ph.D.

Our histology course presents the detailed microscopic anatomy of the healthy human body, as well as the structural basis for its physiologic functions. Structural knowledge provides the foundation for understanding disease mechanisms and pathology.

Susan Muller-Weeks, Ph.D.

In this course, we introduce the basic concepts of immunology, microbiology and infectious disease. We begin with a focus on the immune system and its involvement in health and disease, then progress to an overview of the basic biology of microbial pathogens and the mechanisms by which microbes cause disease. Students are also introduced clinical presentation, diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases.

Biochemistry/Human Genetics
Kai Mon Lee, Ph.D.

This combination course provides students with a broad and thorough understanding of the scientific basics of life processes at the molecular level. It also exposes them to practical applications of the knowledge acquired in solving clinical problems.