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First-Class Facilities

Our researchers develop innovative techniques and ground-breaking research in SOM's Science Center. We support more than 20 independent research laboratories and are home to variety of research instrumentation.

Cell Biology and Neuroscience Facilities

We have more than 17,000 square feet of research space in the Science Center. Our core facilities include a number of specialized instruments such as laser capture microdissection and confocal microscopes; a Bruker MALDI-TOF mass spec for protein analysis; a KinTek stopped-flow apparatus for kinetic analyses; and molecular modeling graphic stations.

Molecular Biology Facilities

We are committed to working with biomedical research communities around the world to foster scientific discoveries, innovations, and achievements in the fight against human diseases. Our laboratory consists of three functional units, the micromanipulation and mouse reproduction unit, the cell culture unit and the molecular biology unit. Each houses state-of-the-art equipment and is staffed with well-trained, experienced scientists. The micromanipulation and mouse reproduction unit is sitting in a barrier animal facility that is accredited by AAALAC and is recognized for its long history of pathogen-free operations. Dr. Ping Jiang, a faculty member who has directed similar facilities at the Wistar Institute, leads the laboratory.