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Alumni Association

Welcome to the Alumni Association! Our organization strives to enhance the education and quality of life for students at RowanSOM. We support student-driven programs through a variety of initiatives throughout the year. Our members are actively engaged with students on the SOM campus and are proud to guide the next generation of successful D.Os.

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Alumni Scholarships

Alumni Awards

Alumni Association Board

Officers: April 2016 - April 2019

President: John Bertagnolli, D.O. '83
Vice President: Andrea Iannuzzelli, D.O. '95
Secretary/Treasurer: David Bollard, D.O. '86
Annual Fund Chair: Jay Stiefel, D.O. '86

Immediate Past President: Ira Monka, D.O. '84

Board Members:

Soumya Bollampally, D.O. '10
Colleen Finan-Duffy, D.O. '94
Ashgan Elshinawy, D.O. '99
Jennifer Khelil, D.O. '95
Cary Mantell, D.O. '83
Troy Randle, D.O. '03
Megan Reilly, D.O. '97
Stephen Scheinthal, D.O. '91
Antonios Tsompanidis, D.O. '94

Student Representative: Christian DiLiberto '20 
(one year term)

Board Member Emeritus: Todd Schachter, D.O. '84

E-mail for any of the above officers can be accepted at:

To inquire about participating on the Board of the RowanSOM Alumni Association or in alumni programs, please call Dean Micciche at (856) 566-6740 or e-mail at

View the Alumni Association Constitution