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Research Centers at RowanSOM

We are proud to be home to several centers of excellence, which emphasize our dedication to interdisciplinary collaboration in education, service and research that is the hallmark of RowanSOM.

Research Centers

The New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging
A multi-disciplinary research institute devoted to improving the health of the elderly. 

The CARES Institute
A nationally-recognized center for the study of child abuse and prevention. 

The Cell & Gene Therapy Center
A translational research facility whose focus is on neurological diseases that can be treated using the latest gene transfer technologies and cell transplantation methods.

The Neuromusculoskeletal Institute
Our physicians utilize a distinctive multi-disciplinary approach in this care program, including: physical medicine and rehabilitation, interventional procedures, osteopathic manipulation, pain specialists and orthopedic surgery. 

Center for Medical Weight Loss and Metabolic Control
In this program, we develop comprehensive, clinical approaches to overweight and obesity, and address co-morbid medical conditions, including metabolic control. We also focus on outcomes assessment. This positions our faculty and physicians to conduct research and educate students, residents and faculty to prepare them to address weight control in their own practices. 

The Center of Excellence for Mental Health Treatment for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
This program is dedicated to the special needs of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities who also have psychiatric disorders (Dually Diagnosed), who may demonstrate symptoms of psychiatric disorders and may respond to psychiatric medications in ways different from neurotypical patients, and their families.

Clinical Trials at RowanSOM

In an effort to enhance the excellence, scope and efficiency of our clinical research activities, we offer clinical trials. These research-based studies give patients the opportunity to participate in potentially life-saving or life-changing treatments.

A clinical trial provides investigators, or researchers, the opportunity to act on a theory for a treatment, medical device, or procedure. Often, it is not known what the side effects of a new treatment may be, or how a new procedure compares to one already in use. Patients who participate in these studies provide researchers with invaluable information that can inform the future of a medical field, a treatment option, or the implementation of a medical device.

Current Clinical Trials at RowanSOM

  • NeuroMusculoskeletal Institute
    Dr. Jermyn’s current clinical research focus is on chronic low back pain and fibromyalgia.
  • New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging (NJISA)
    Dr. McBride’s current clinical research focus is on Alzheimer’s Disease and Fragile X Syndrome.
  • Family Medicine
    Dr. Hudrick’s current clinical research focus is on adverse drug reactions.

If you would like information on these clinical trials, or others that are available across the country, please visit

Contact our Office

If you have further questions regarding clinical trials at RowanSOM, please feel free to reach out!
Lauren Fedor
Program Manager