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Psychiatry Residency Program

Osteopathic principles guide our training in the General Psychiatry program, bringing a unique quality of holistic care to the education and development of empathic psychiatrists. Our residents are exposed to a wide range of clinical experiences and patient populations throughout partnerships with local hospitals and community agencies. Our faculty prides itself on meeting the behavioral health needs of Southern New Jersey, while providing exceptional education for the physicians of tomorrow.

Current Research

  • Post-surgical cerebellar mutism and catatonia

  • Excited delirium

Notable Facts

  • Received Initial Accreditation by the ACGME in April 2016, Continued Accreditation May 2020

  • Graduating residents through the AOA since 1986 and through ACGME since 2020

Why choose our program?

Our program has a rich history and has been educating residents for more than 25 years. Our faculty are noted local, regional and national experts in many subspecialties and modalities including child and adolescent psychiatry, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), geriatrics, speech needs/intellectual disabilities, neuromodulation (ECT and TMS), psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, student mental health, substance use disorders, and women's mental health. The treatment training settings for residents are both broad and deep, including outpatient, inpatient, consultation, as well as state hospital and Veteran's Affairs (VA) clinical experiences.

In addition to the general psychiatry residency, Virtua Health offers an ACGME accredited geriatric psychiatry fellowship program in conjunction with the New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging (NJISA).

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