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Resources for Residents

We know that it can be overwhelming when you are a new physician and need to access information quickly.

Rowan Policies and Procedures for RowanSOM House Staff - The documents in our RowanSOM Policies and Procedures section inform and outline the professional expectations, behavior and disciplinary actions for all RowanSOM House Staff. Please review these documents, as they will answer most of your questions.

Hopefully, any additional resources you might need as a RowanSOM resident should be available below. Please let us know if there is something you can't find. We will be happy to help! Send us an email or give us a call - or 856-566-7121.

Resource Links
Agreement with Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR)
Workplace Injuries - Rowan Employees
Member Hospital Telephone Numbers
House Staff Incident Report - Rowan Employees
On-Campus Notaries
Impaired Housestaff
Specialty Board Certifications
ACGME Website
SI Policy - Vacations and Leaves of Absence


Health and Wellness Resources

Your overall wellness is one of our top priorities. We provide a variety of services and activities to help reduce stress and encourage healthy lifestyles for all of our residents and medical students. Whether you're looking for a fitness center, well-being inspiration, or mental health counseling, we have resources to help!

Additional Wellness Advice, Opportunities and Updates are available in our weekly Wellness Wednesday Newsletter!

Resources for Visiting Residents

RowanSOM welcomes residents from outside programs who would like to complete a rotation in one of our AOA accredited fellowship programs at Jefferson Health New Jersey or Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center. Though there is broad interest in this program, we only accept residents who are in their third year of training. If you would like to participate in one of our programs as a visiting resident, please review the following guidelines and complete the appropriate application materials.