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Deborah Podolin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Vice Chair of Education

Rowan Medicine Building, Suite 2200, Office 2200A


University of Colorado, Boulder Ph.D., Biology 



Research Interests

Dr. Podolin’s research interests have shifted from preventing and reversing diet-induced type 2 diabetes in rodents to investigating innovative and effective pedagogies in medical education. Dr. Podolin currently serves as the Vice Chair for Education for the Department of Cell Biology & Neuroscience and as Director of the Gastroenterology & Nutrition Block in the 2nd year of the Synergistic Guided Learning curriculum. Dr. Podolin teaches physiology and endocrine pharmacology in the medical and graduate school.

Teaching/Mentoring Awards:

  • 2021 Exemplary Dedication to Allyship, Recognized by The Black Collective of Rowan-Virtua SOM
  • 2020 The Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence, Awarded by Rowan-Virtua SOM 4th Year Medical Students
  • 2020 Walk of Fame for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Awarded by the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching at Rowan University
  • 2014 Mentor of the Year, Awarded by the Rowan University SOM Medical Students
  • 2014 The Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence, Awarded by Drexel University College of Medicine 1st Year PIL Students
  • 2014 The Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence, Awarded by Drexel University College of Medicine 1st Year IFM Students
  • 2013 Northup Educator of the Year Award – National Award, Awarded by the SOMA Foundation
  • 2012 Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, Awarded by the Christian and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
  • 2011 Master Educator, Awarded by the UMDNJ Masters Educator Guild
  • 2008 Mentor of the Year, Awarded by the UMDNJ-SOM Medical Students
  • 2004-2005 Excellence in Teaching Award, Awarded by The Foundation of UMDNJ
  • 2001 Outstanding Teacher Award, Awarded by the Physician Assistant Students, University of New England
  • 1992 Department of EPO Biology Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, Awarded by the University of Colorado, Boulder 


(Updated 2016)

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