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James S. White, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Rowan Medicine Building, Suite 2200


Neuroscience Anatomy




1. White JSComparative features of the surface morphology of the basilar papilla in five families of salamanders (Amphibia; Caudata). J Morphol,187(2): 201-17, Feb. 1986.

2. White JSMorphological and fine structural features of the basilar papilla in ambystomatid salamanders (Amphibia; Caudata). J Morphol,187(2): 181-99, Feb. 1986.

3. White JS, Baird IL. Comparative morphological features of the caecilian inner ear with comments on the evolution of amphibian auditory structures. Scan Electron Microsc, 3: 1301-12, 1982.

4. White JSA light and scanning electron microscopic study of the basial papilla in the salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum. Am J Anat, 151(3): 437-52, Mar. 1978.

Updated December 2014