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Brian P. Weiser, Ph.D.

Dr. Weiser

Assistant Professor

Science Center 307A
Phone: 856 566-6270; Fax: 856 566-6291 


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Postdoc (Pharmacology / Enzymology)

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

Albright College, Reading, PA
B.S. (Biology)


Research Interests

The Weiser Lab has several interests: (1) Understanding how protein-protein interactions influence protein activity; (2) Discovering small molecules that can be used therapeutically or to explore protein function; (3) Developing statistical methods to understand non-canonical dose-response relationships.

Our projects examine DNA repair proteins, sirtuin deacylases, and various macromolecular complexes. We use traditional biochemistry methods along with computational, structural, and statistical modeling.

Keywords: replication protein A (RPA), uracil DNA glycosylase (UNG2), sirtuin isoform 2 (SIRT2), proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA), propofol, fluorescence, hormesis, 1-aminoanthracene, dose-response

We welcome all opportunities to collaborate with other research groups to share our technical and material resources!

For a full publication list, visit this URL:


Selected Publications

(1) Greenwood SN, Kulkarni RS, Mikhail M, Weiser BP (2023) Replication protein A enhances kinetics of uracil DNA glycosylase on ssDNA and across DNA junctions: explored with a DNA repair complex produced with SpyCatcher/SpyTag ligation. ChemBioChem 24: e202200765.

(2) Greenwood SN, Belz RG, Weiser BP (2022) A conserved mechanism for hormesis in molecular systems. Dose-Response 20: 15593258221109335.

(3) Hong JY, Cassel J, Yang J, Lin H, Weiser BP (2021) High-throughput screening identifies ascorbyl palmitate as a SIRT2 deacetylase and defatty-acylase inhibitor. ChemMedChem 16: 3484-3494.

(4) Bi D, Yang J, Hong JY, Parikh P, Hinds N, Infanti J, Lin H, Weiser BP (2020) Substrate-dependent modulation of SIRT2 by a fluorescent probe, 1-aminoanthracene. Biochemistry 59: 3869-3878.

(5) Weiser BP (2020) Analysis of uracil DNA glycosylase (UNG2) stimulation by replication protein A (RPA) at ssDNA-dsDNA junctions. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta- Proteins and Proteomics 1868: 140347.

(6) Weiser BP, Rodriguez G, Cole PA, Stivers JT (2018) N-terminal domain of human uracil DNA glycosylase (hUNG2) promotes targeting to uracil sites adjacent to ssDNA-dsDNA junctions. Nucleic Acids Research 46: 7169-7178.

(7) Weiser BP, Stivers JT, Cole PA (2017) Investigation of N-terminal phospho-regulation of uracil DNA glycosylase (UNG2) using protein semisynthesis. Biophysical Journal 113: 393-401.

(8) Weiser BP, Eckenhoff RG (2015) Propofol inhibits SIRT2 deacetylase through a conformation-specific, allosteric site. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290: 8559-8568.

(9) Weiser BP, Salari R, Eckenhoff RG, Brannigan G (2014) Computational investigation of cholesterol binding sites on mitochondrial VDAC. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118: 9852-9860.