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Fellowships for Family Medicine Graduates

Virtua Health offers two post-residency opportunities for Family Medicine graduates – a Geriatrics fellowship and a +1 residency program in Osteopathic NeuroMusculoskeletal Medicine. These programs are multi-disciplinary and showcase osteopathic principles in their approach to education, research and clinical experiences.


The Geriatric Medicine fellowship is partnered with Rowan-Virtua SOM's nationally-recognized New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging (NJISA). The program emphasizes integrated learning and a multidisciplinary team approach to care in a broad-based learning environment.

The curriculum is comprised of clinical, research and teaching/administrative components. Fellows who are dedicated to research have the benefit of valuable, dedicated research time, while those most interested in clinical experiences participate in ambulatory, acute, subacute and long-term care settings to prepare them for primary care and patient consultation. All fellows are expected to complete a scholarly research paper based on their completed project. 

Learn more on the NJISA Website