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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon graduation of your academic degree program or after two years in the program.

You can meet your didactic hours in several ways such as online modules, seminars, grand rounds, conferences, reflective journaling, community assessments, simulated case learning, team-based scholarly projects, professional presentations and other eligible activities.

We have a list of possible activities that can help you meet your requirements such as community volunteering, academic program electives, clinical opportunities, community organizations, hospitals, government agencies and other eligible activities.

You will submit your hours on a time sheet for community based contact hours. Access to time sheet template can be found on the Canvas website.

AHEC Scholars is a complementary program to your Graduate Degree Program. In your current degree program, if you have eligible elective courses or activities that you would like to use for contact hours, you can submit these for approval to the NJ AHEC Program Office.

AHEC Scholars core topic areas are interprofessionalism, cultural competency, population health, behavioral health integration, Current Emerging health issues and Practice Transformation with a focus on rural and underserved patient populations. If any activities you are involved in meet the above criteria, it will be considered for contact hours.

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