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Ways To Get Involved

Giving back to the Rowan-Virtua SOM student community

Want to stay involved with Rowan-Virtua SOM now that you've graduated? We have many opportunities for our alumni to engage with current students, prospective students and network with other Rowan-Virtua SOM alum. We bring together students and alumni at events throughout the year, offer engagement opportunties through the SOM Connections Network, and support our communities through service learning throughout the State. Check out our programs and send us an email at to get involved!

SOM Connections Network

The SOM Connections Network was established to connect alumni with students to share residency pearls, serve as expert speakers and connect for shadowing opportunities. This is not a mentoring program, but rather a referral program designed to create connections between students and alumni.

To join the network, click on the link below and complete the brief questionnaire. On the form, you will provide a preferred contact that will only be shared on request with SOM students whose residency/specialty interest match yours. The information collected is managed by the Office of Student Affairs and Alumni Engagement.

Click Here to Join the SOM Connections Network

Medical Student Shadowing

Are you interested and able to have a medical student join you in your office for an hour, a day or a week? We have numerous requests from Rowan-Virtua SOM students to connect with alumni to learn more about a particular specialty of medicine through observation.

Click Here to Join the SOM Connections Network


Residency Advising Network

Are you involved with or in charge of a medical residency program and/or willing to share information with SOM’s medical students about your residency experience? As a graduate of Rowan-Virtua SOM your advice and guidance can be invaluable. Some students may have a quick question or two about how you approached and prepared for your auditions, applications, interviews and ranking (via e-mail), while others may be looking to have a brief conversation (on your schedule) about factors that influenced your choice of specialty and/or residency program. This is a vitally important way for every alumnus to give back to Rowan-Virtua SOM!

Click Here to Join the SOM Connections Network


Other Engagement Collaborations

There are many other opportunities for our alumni to stay involved at Rowan-Virtua SOM and ensure future DOs are prepared for a successful career in our communities! If you are interested in getting involved in any of our alumni initiatives, please reach out to us - 

  • Serve as an Interviewer or Reviewer with the Rowan-Virtua SOM Admissions Committee
  • Volunteer for a Service Learning Opportunity with Rowan-Virtua SOM Students
  • Leadership service on the Rowan-Virtua SOM Alumni Association Board or its Committees


Make a Gift

If you are interested in supporting our medical students and researchers through scholarships, project funds, or endowments, please visit our Giving section to learn about all of the donor opportunities.