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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine will improve access, affordability and quality of both education and healthcare for our community and the nation.

Our Mission

Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine prepares future physicians and scientists who are committed to improving health in New Jersey and throughout the nation.

To advance our mission we:

  • Develop clinically skillful, compassionate and culturally competent physicians from diverse backgrounds who are grounded in our osteopathic philosophy and ready to meet future healthcare workforce needs;
  • Advance research, innovation and discovery to improve health and solve the medical challenges of today and the future; and we
  • Provide exceptional patient-centered care, with an emphasis on primary and interprofessional team-based care that responds to the needs of the community including underserved and special needs populations.

Strategic Framework

The Rowan-Virtua SOM Strategic Framework was developed in 2018, upon direction of Dean Cavalieri with coordination by the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Planning, Special Projects and Program Development. The development of the framework involved analysis and review of: existing Rowan-Virtua SOM plans; meetings with Rowan-Virtua SOM leadership; one-on-one leadership interviews; review of AACOM reports; review of the Rowan University strategy; and a Rowan-Virtua SOM day-long planning retreat. This process also included review and revision of our Mission and Vision. The retreat included a broad, representative group of the Rowan-Virtua SOM community of faculty, staff, students and residents, to provide input and feedback on the drafted framework as presented. This feedback was then presented back to Rowan-Virtua SOM senior leadership for final edits, then to Dean Cavalieri and Rowan University leadership for final approval. The final version of the Strategic Framework, and revised Mission and Vision, were  approved by Executive Council on Dec. 19, 2018.

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Strategic Research Plan

We have developed a Research Strategic Plan to help us reach our goals of advancing research, innovation, and discovery to improve health and solve current and future medical challenges. This framework outlines how we intend to develop and train scientists who will contribute new knowledge in the biomedical sciences, focusing on cell and molecular biology and osteopathic principles through innovative and collaborative research and scholarship.
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Annual Report

Learn more about the day-to-day lives of the wonderful Rowan-Virtua SOM community. View our 2022 Annual Report.

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Our Principles

Leading the Way to a New Era of Health Care


We are committed to excellence in osteopathic medical education, research, and clinical care, especially acknowledging the importance of our major partnerships in the fulfillment of our mission.


Innovation is encouraged through collaboration across all aspects of creation, discovery, delivery, and development of cutting-edge resources to enhance the prevention, treatment, and cure of disease.


Through all of this, our integrity shines through. We hold ourselves accountable for fairness, honesty, sincerity, professionalism, and a consistent commitment to our mission, vision and values.


The mutual respect shared by students, faculty, and staff emphasizes an outstanding, innovative, dedicated team, who makes our mission, vision, and values a reality.


Through compassion we raise awareness, acceptance and response to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of others.


We embrace all individuals in the diverse communities we serve and are committed to enhancing their health, knowledge, overall well-being, and opportunities.