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Assessment and Evaluation at RowanSOM

The Office of Assessment & Evaluation supports students and faculty achieve excellence by utilizing evidence-based assessment practices in fulfilling its educational mission. We strive to ensure the effectiveness of the school’s curriculum and the quality of faculty instruction so that our students are successful in meeting required performance milestones and physician competencies.

The assessment process allows Rowan SOM to create a body of evidence to help acheive institutional goals and meet national standards, while initiating continuous quality improvement. Data on student grades and competency performance in medical school, on national exams including COMLEX and COMAT, in post-graduate residency placement, and practice outcomes including board certification are measures of the school’s success. For more information, visit our Data & Reports page.

Rowan SOM Assessment Cycle

Program Evaluation and Student Assessment Committee (PESA)

The Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine maintains a committee for Program Evaluation and Student Assessment (PESA), supporting the implementation of curriculum and assessment.

Learn about PESA

Student Performance Dashboard (Rowan SOMetrics)

We track student performance through our Rowan SOMetrics dashboard to provide ready access to critical data to help guide and support student progress.

Written and clinical performance is tracked throughout all 4 years of training. Beginning in first year, students take written exams, learn to perform core clinical procedures, and practice their clinical skills in standardized patient experiences. These components, among others, are analyzed through the Rowan SOMetrics dashboard

STEP Review Referral Form

Please click here to access the STEP Review Referral Form.