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Assessment and Evaluation at RowanSOM

Rowan SOM Assessment CycleThe Office of Assessment and Evaluation supports students and faculty achieve excellence by utilizing evidence-based assessment practices in fulfilling its educational mission.

The assessment process allows RowanSOM to create a body of evidence to help achieve institutional goals, meet national standards, and initiate continuous quality improvement. See our Outcomes Assessment Plan for more information. 


Student Performance Dashboard

Rowan SOMetrics

The Rowan SOMetrics dashboard is used to track student performance throughout all 4 years of training. The dashboard provides critical information to RowanSOM leadership and other key stakeholders to support student academic success. Data includes, but is not limited to:

  • National Benchmarks (COMAT, COMLEX, USMLE)
  • Risk Factors (Admissions and Academic)
  • Performance Measures (Grades, OSCEs, Evaluations )
  • Competency Milestones & EPA Progress

Measurements of Success

The curriculum at RowanSOM is integral in producing competent student doctors who pass national exams, match into competitive programs, and are most importantly ready to enter into residency.

Measurements of Success

Assessment Committees

RowanSOM Assessment maintains two committees: the Program Evaluation and Student Assessment Committee (PESA) and Student Evaluation of Performance Committee (STEP).

Assessment Committees