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Center for Teaching and Learning

Our doors are always open - before you even have your first class! We recognize that medical education requires stamina and acute studying skills, so one of our biggest priorities is to help students identify their best strategies for approaching and learning material. This is something that we emphasize and work on through individual sessions with each student during their education at SOM.

Throughout your time here, you may visit us for a variety of reasons, including:

Lisa Cardello


Lisa oversees CTL services as well as provides career and match advising to 4th year students.


Ferin Ford

Program Coordinator

Ferin provides advising and academic support to 1st year students. She also coordinates the Pre-Matric Program for incoming SOM students and the Summer Enrichment program for 1st year students.


Chantal Vergara

Program Coordinator

Chantal provides advising and academic support to 2nd year medical students. She oversees the RowanSOM Pre-Medical Research and Education Program (PREP) and coordinates the Interprofessional Grand Rounds for our medical school community.


Nick LaTorre

Program Coordinator

Nick provides advising and academic support to 3rd and 4th year students. Nick also coordinates the Fundamentals of Medicine II block for 4th year students.


Danielle Baer

Staff Assistant

Danielle oversees the RowanSOM Peer Tutoring Program.


Coleen Tenuto

Staff Assistant

Coleen provides administrative support for CTL and the Student Academic Progress Committee.