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Should I Apply Early Decision?

Is the Early Decision Program (EDP) the right way for you to D.O.? The EDP is designed for highly-qualified applicants who consider RowanSOM to be their first choice medical school. All EDP applicants are guaranteed early and special consideration in our application cycle. Consider the following requirements when making this decision:
  • RowanSOM is my first choice to study osteopathic medicine.
  • My overall cumulative GPA is 3.6+.
  • My overall MCAT score is 503+.
  • I meet all the general application requirements.
  • I am ready to commit to attending RowanSOM.
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More Information

The early decision process can be confusing and stressful. Read below to get answers to the questions we hear most often. As always, if you want to talk to someone in our admissions department, just give us a call at 856-566-7050!

No. You should only apply to RowanSOM if you have the intention of attending upon acceptance into the program. You are prohibited from applying to other medical schools until you receive your EDP decision notification.

If you are not selected for an EDP interview, you will automatically be considered in the general applicant pool. Once you are notified of this decision, you are free to apply to other medical schools.

When you are not offered admission through our EDP, you will receive notification that your application has been either deferred or rejected. If your application is deferred, it will be considered in our general applicant pool. If your application is rejected, it is not eligible to be considered in our general applicant pool. In both cases, you are are free to apply to other medical schools upon receipt of this notification.

First, if you are offered EDP admission, you should celebrate! Then you should plan on sending in your deposit to officially accept your offer within two weeks of the notification date. After confirmation that we have received your deposit, you can sit back and relax - you're in!