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The Rowan-Virtua SOM Simulation Center is responsible for creating and running programs for osteopathic medical students. Programs are designed to complement what is being learned in courses and clerkships.

Key facts about the Simulation Curriculum:

  • Exists across all four years of medical school
  • Used for teaching and testing of clincial performances and communication
  • Occurs both on-campus and virtually
  • Three types of simulation utilized: Standardized Patient Encounters, Procedures Training and Human Simulator Cases
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    Standardized Patient Encounters
    • Actors portraying medical ailments
    • Content is often common office-based complaints
    • Used to teach/assess communication, history and physical examination skills, and OMM performance
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    Procedures Training
    • Partial mannequins or task trainers designed for specific skills to be performed
    • Content includes skills such as IV placement, suturing, and intubation
    • Used to teach/assess procedural skill performance
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    Human Simulator Cases
    • Programmable physiology and findings
    • Content is often acute and/or life-threatening situations
    • Simulator fleet include adult, pediatric, and obstetric mannequins
    • Used to teach/assess clinical skills, scenario management, and teamwork