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Disability Services - FAQ

  • Breaks during exam
  • Extended time on exams
  • Reduced distraction environment for testing 
  • Other disability needs
  • Jacqueline Giaccobbe, Assistant Dean, Office of Academic Affairs
  • 856-566-6980
  • Office of Academic Affairs, Academic Center, Suite 210
  • Questions you have about accommodations
  • Request for Accommodation Application
  • Physician's documentation of disability and accommodation needs
  • Meeting discussion
  • Diagnosis
  • All documentation
  • Accommodations are only communicated to specific individuals as necessary 

The Office of Academic Affairs is the only entity that can grant accommodations. The need for accommodations should not be discussed with other individuals.

Disability Services

Our office provides accommodations and services to ensure equal access to educational programs and services for students with documented disabilities. Information on our resources and procedures are listed below. Please explore your options or schedule an appointment with Jacqueline Giacobbe through the Rowan-Virtua SOM Student Success Network.

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