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Thank you for visiting us to learn more about our admissions process! Campus tours are currently not being offered at this time due to COVID-19. A virtual campus tour is forthcoming. We look forward to meeting with you virtually!

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Just as D.O.'s treat the whole patient - mind, body, and spirit - the admissions process for Rowan University's School of Osteopathic Medicine considers the whole applicant. Our students thrive in a supportive, small community, learning a hands-on approach to medical care that is changing the national narrative on the health care crisis. Find out how to become part of the RowanSOM family.

Our Application Process

Our Holistic Approach

Our Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach when considering applicants for admission. Students accepted to RowanSOM must have the intellectual ability to successfully complete medical school and they must demonstrate that they have mastered the skills necessary for the practice of medicine. In considering an applicant for admission, we assess undergraduate and graduate coursework along with MCAT scores.

However, we also value the many diverse quality experiences of our applicants as much as we value our applicants’ academic achievements. We believe that students should possess quality interpersonal skills and a demonstrated compassion for others. We expect applicants to possess a high level of selfless motivation of intense lifelong service to their patients.

We consider a student’s success in overcoming economic and educational barriers that have taken place while completing undergraduate and graduate school coursework. We value students who have demonstrated resiliency, continual improvement in undergraduate and graduate coursework, athletics, medically related experiences, leadership skills, community service, cultural sensitivity, volunteering to assist those in need and veteran status.

Below are the average academic marks for our current incoming class. 

required mcat 500 or better - preferred cumulative gpa 3.65 or better - preferred science gpa 3.30 or better

RowanSOM By The Numbers

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine is consistently ranked one of the top osteopathic schools in the United States. Below are some of our 2019 statistics to help you determine if RowanSOM is right for you.



Scores That Matter

Our students thrive with a strong support system and camaraderie that helps them become the best doctors they can be. The average COMLEX scores and Match results of our students set them up for success beyond medical school.

COMLEX Pass Rates

RowanSOM students consistently score at or above the national average. Our 2018/19 COMLEX pass rates:
  • 97% - COMLEX 1
  • 94% - COMLEX 2
  • 95% - COMLEX 3

98% Match!

We boast a 98% GME placement rate for 2020 among our graduates. Our top three specialties:
  • Internal Medicine - 26%
  • Family Medicine - 16%
  • Emergency Medicine- 14%