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Student Life at RowanSOM

RowanSOM is a nationally-ranked medical school with a big heart. The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to providing support, advocacy and guidance for the hard-working students of RowanSOM. We promote and encourage the essential values of collegiality, compassion, diversity, excellence, innovation and integrity.

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RowanSOM Campus Calendar

There is always something happening at RowanSOM, from Grand Rounds, to pumpkin-carving contests, to community service projects. Find something interesting and get involved!

White Coat Ceremony

July 29, 2018


The RowanSOM White Coat Ceremony and welcoming reception are inspired by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, which was established to recognize and promote physicians who demonstrate both scientific excellence and devotion to comprehensive patient care.

The white coat is a symbol used to express and reaffirm our dedication to preserving humanism in medicine, while the ceremony is a ritualized event to define a shared interpretation.

Check out video from one of our past White Coat Ceremonies here.

Read a recap from one of our past White Coat Ceremonies here.

Orientation Week

July 30 - August 3, 2018


This summer we'll be welcoming the Class of 2022 to the RowanSOM family. Orientation Week includes:

  • Group sessions
  • Team-building activities
  • Certification courses
  • Community service projects
  • Field day
  • And a welcome party

Members of the Class of 2022 should expect communications about Orientation Week from RowanSOM throughout the spring and summer months.

Looking for Alumni Engagement?

Alumni events, announcements and information can now be found in the Alumni & Advancement section of the website.