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"Our faculty is the soul of our school. Our faculty’s passion both supports and energizes all we do. It is great for a physician to have knowledge and clinical skill. But, we aim to produce leaders who want to improve the human condition – which means discovery, research and innovation. We do that here. Our clinical and research professors keep us moving forward — steadfast in our mission and inspiring generations of physicians."
Thomas A. Cavalieri, D.O., Vice President, Virtua Health College of Medicine & Life Sciences

Academic Departments

Faculty Affairs

Faculty Personnel (Faculty Affairs) Office

  • Rosalyn Vinson, MEd
    Administrator, Faculty Personnel Office

  • Desiree Newcomb
    Assistant Faculty Personnel Coordinator, Faculty Personnel Office

  • Monica Roig
    Program Coordinator, Faculty Personnel Office

Faculty Affairs Committee

  • Paola Leone, PhD
    Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee
    Cell Biology and Neuroscience

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

  • Currently Vacant
    President, Faculty Senate

Faculty Development

Faculty Development Office