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DEI Professional Learning at RowanSOM

To support faculty and staff to cultivate the conditions for an equitable teaching, learning, and working environment, Rowan University, and RowanSOM offer a variety of professional learning opportunities. Programming is available to Paid Faculty, Affiliated Volunteer Faculty, Staff, and Students and communicated via this page, SOM-AutoMail, the Faculty Focus, and Faculty Development Calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Steve Garwood (, EdD, Director, Faculty Development and Convener, Professional Learning Sub-Committee
  • Yvonne Ortiz (, MEd, Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate

Rowan University’s Division of DEI offers a seven module Certificate series on the Foundations of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. For more information and registration please see the DEI Certificate Program site.

RowanSOM currently focuses on three of the modules because of their specific connection to medical education and practice. These sessions include additional health-care focused examples and resources:

  1. Implicit Bias (Module 1.5)*
  2. Microaggressions and Inclusive Language (Module 1.6)
  3. Ally, Accomplice, and Advocate (Module 1.7)

We encourage ALL Faculty and Staff at RowanSOM/GSBS, especially those in leadership positions, to attend a minimum of one DEI session per term (Sept-Dec; Jan-Apr; May-Aug)

More information and registration can be found on the RowanSOM: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sessions page.

*The Implicit Bias module or the workshop Implicit Bias for Search Committees is required prior to participation on a University Search Committee. Implicit Bias must be completed each calendar year.

Congratulations to the following RowanSOM individuals who have completed the DEI Certificate

Vanessa Atkins, Pamela Basehore, Chrissy Beswick, Danielle Carcia (Affiliate), Lisa Cardello, Renee Demarest, Danielle DiPietro, Mary Duggan, Yvette Flanagan, Patricia Fortunato, Marybeth Foyle,  Jacqueline Giacobbe, Alyssa Goetaski, Charles Greenberg, Nigel James, Marilou Jean-Louis, Alayna Kacerja, Kristine Kong, Karen Krieg, Nicholas LaTorre,  Sheila Lewis, Kathleen Locklear, Allison Mancuso, Francesca Martelli, Brittany Mitchell, Catherine Neary, Martin O’Connor, Yvonne Ortiz, Nichelle Peaks-Webster, Joelle Reyes, Elizabeth Santini, Sheila Seddon, Coleen Tenuto, Chantal Vergara, Rosalyn Vinson, Shiyuan Wang, Christine Willse, Regina Wilmes, Brandi Blanton, Steve Garwood, Joanne Petrides, Jessica Singh, Meagan Vermeulen, and Diane Worrad.


Congratulations to the following RowanSOM individuals who have completed the Inclusive Pedagogy and Practices Certificate

  • Mary Duggan, Best Practices for Inclusive Staff-Led Student Programs
  • Christine Willse, Student Financial Aid Communications Management Content for the Inclusive Audience
  • Patricia Fortunato, Universal Design, Health Communication, and Addiction Medicine

Other Programs

Program Recordings and Enduring Materials

Recordings and enduring materials from programs on DEI-related topics are available via the RowanSOM Cultural Competency Resource Guide.