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Dr. Danielle Weitzer, 2020 AMA Excellence in Medicine Award

Dr. Weitzer LGBTQ Health Award

Congratulations to Dr. Danielle Weitzer for receiving the 2020 AMA Excellence in Medicine Award for LGBTQ Health.  You can view a view of the award ceremony HERE

2021 Excellence in Diversity Award Winners

We are proud to announce that The Black Collective and Dean Paula Watkins have received recognition in the 2021 Excellence in Diversity Awards! Congratulations on this accomplishment and thank you for your hard work and dedication! 

Excellence in Diversity for the Study or Practice of Medicine

The Black Collective, RowanSOM

The Black Collective

We recognize The Black Collective RowanSOM (TBC) for their work advancing equity and inclusion. Since 2020, the Black medical students and alumni of TBC have worked hard to identify and transform cultural and structural barriers to success for students of color in medical education. They have partnered with Rowan SOM administration and the Division of DEI to ensure meaningful change and established mentorship networks to support students academically and professionally. We admire TBC for their persistence and commitment to equity and community! 

Excellence in Diversity for Social Activism

Paula Watkins, RowanSOM Assistant Dean for Admissions

Dean Paula Watkins

Congratulations to Paula Watkins, Rowan SOM Assistant Dean for Admissions, for her work cultivating diverse future physicians and shaping the future in the osteopathic tradition. Assistant Dean Watkins has championed diversity through her redesign of recruitment processes, work encouraging high school students in underserved communities to pursue careers in medicine, recruitment of medical students from underrepresented groups, influencing the creation of the SOM Diversity Task Force, and lending her diversity recruitment leadership to other osteopathic medical schools through the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. SOM anticipates the composition of this year’s incoming class to be 30% underrepresented minorities as a result of her leadership. Thank you Assistant Dean Watkins for your vision, passion, and leadership!


Congratulations to the new Student Government Association President!

Student Doctor Melvin Ways