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Scholarship Advantages

The benefit of receiving a scholarship, rather than a loan, is that it doesn’t need to be repaid. There are two types of scholarships available to students at RowanSOM – those that are reviewed and awarded through the RowanSOM Scholarship Committee and those that are awarded by outside organizations and companies.

The criteria for scholarship programs typically reaches beyond financial need, which is often a major consideration in the loan process, and includes other factors, such as academic excellence.

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine Scholarships

Rowan SOM Merit Scholarships for Incoming Students

Incoming students are considered for merit scholarships during the admissions process. No additional applications are required.  Students selected to receive merit scholarships will be notified by the Office of Admissions.

RowanSOM Foundation Scholarships

The RowanSOM Scholarship Committee administers awards to continuing students based on academic excellence or other criteria, specified by the donor. The Committee is responsible for identifying students that may be eligible and meet the requirements of individual awards. The student Financial Aid Office will email OMS II, OMS III and OMS IV a scholarship survey at the beginning of the fall term to assist the Committee in identifying scholarship recipients.

External Scholarship Resources

In addition to scholarships offered by RowanSOM, there are a variety of scholarships available through private entities, non-profit institutions, foundations, companies, and state and federal agencies. A list of popular resources is below.  Please feel free to conduct your own online research, just be sure you are using a verified source of information! We are also available to offer suggestions and tips.

Service Related Scholarships

National Health Service Corps –

Health Professions Scholarship Program –

Veteran’s Administration Health Professions Scholarship Program -


Medical Association and Medical Foundation Scholarships


American Osteopathic Foundation

American Academy of Family Physicians

National Medical Fellowships

American Medical Association


Private Scholarships


College Scholarships

Sallie Mae


Find out more about how to use both private and federal loans to fund your medical education.

Other Aid

There are other financial aid programs available. Read more about those programs here.