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Cost of Attendance

The total cost of attendance for RowanSOM includes direct expenses, such as tuition and required fees, as well as general estimates for indirect expenses, such as books, loan fees, transportation, and room and board. This cost varies, dependent upon your academic year, as well as state of residence. Information regarding in-state residency qualifications for RowanSOM is available here.

Students who are enrolled at Rowan University’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), at least half-time, are also eligible to receive financial aid. Financial assistance for these students is calculated differently, because the cost of attendance for GSBS programs is credit-based. Find out more about GSBS financial aid requirements here.

There are many options to ensure academic experiences at RowanSOM is within your financial reach. Take a few minutes to explore the choices!

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RowanSOM Cost of Attendance

2019 - 2020 Academic Year



(The base cost of your education for the year)








First Year
(10 months)

Second Year
(10 months)

Third Year
(11 months)

Fourth Year
(11 months)

Books and Supplies





Educational Fees





Health Insurance*





Estimated Loan Fees**





*added to COA upon confirmation of securing insurance through Rowan University

**based upon eligible loan amount




Monthly Estimate
(Determined by average monthly estimate reports) 

Housing and Board






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Accessing Your Account

Current and incoming students - you can visit the Rowan University Bursar's website to access your tuition bills and inquire about payments, third-party agreements, past due accounts/collections, payment plans and refunds.

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Total Estimated Cost of Your Medical Education

We can provide you with an estimated figure to help you better plan your finances

There are many tools available to calculate what your annual direct and indirect costs may be. The following data reflects student educational debt awarded while in attendance at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. The figures reflect principle debt, which does not include accrued interest.

Class of 2019

Mean Debt

Number of Borrowers
129 Borrowers

Range of Borrowing
$21,361 - $434,648

Class of 2018

Mean Debt

Number of Borrowers
112 Borrowers

Range of Borrowing
$8,258 - $362,093

Class of 2017

Mean Debt

Number of Borrowers
129 Borrowers

Range of Borrowing
$42 - $413,815

Class of 2016

Mean Debt

Number of Borrowers
123 Borrowers

Range of Borrowing
$15,000 - $354,281