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How much does it cost to attend medical school? What if I want to participate in cutting-edge research? Well, the honest answer is that you can’t really know until you’ve explored Financial Planning options.

We are the financial resource for future doctors and researchers who attend school on the Stratford campus. Our knowledge and financial expertise can help you reach your goals.

New to the financial aid process? Don't worry, we'll walk you through the facts, forms and deadlines!


We can help you plan your medical education.


Let us help get you in the lab.

Announcements & Dates to Remember

  • scholarship
    Scholarship Opportunity

    Attention International and DACA Students! Learn more about a scholarship opportunity available to you. Deadline is Sept. 20, 2018. Learn More!

  • counseling
    Financial Aid Counseling

    Do you have questions or need help exploring your options? Schedule an in-person or phone consultation today! Schedule an Appointment!

Financial Resources

If you are curious about how our Financial Aid office can help you, our Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the many resources available to RowanSOM students. You can download it to read at your convenience, or take a few minutes and explore our website.

Financial Aid Handbook

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